Ninth in a Catholic family of 11 children, the sacredness and image of the « mater familias » were very meaningful in my youth. Likewise, the devotion to the Virgin Mary was omnipresent in my education, at the very moment when society was in full sexual revolution. I also asked myself many questions about religion, my femininity, my body and my place as a woman.

Between the ages of 20 and 30 years, I was a “free woman” taking full advantage of life. I studied International Business and set off to live in London for two years, then for five years in the beautiful haven of Andalusia. This allowed me to understand the role of women through two different cultures in a cosmopolitan context, and thus broaden the scope of my internal perception of my own femininity. When I was 26, the Shakti energy crossed my path never to leave, awakening in me the taste of the sacred through the body and mind.

Into my thirties, I felt the urge, not so much to have children, but to be a mother. My pregnancies would probably not have brought such physical, psychological and spiritual openness with the intensity they did without an almost daily practice of Yoga. Then my choice to take care of my children and to move from a life that is autonomous in all respects to a life of being a housewife did not happen smoothly. This time made me face with my fears and internal shadows, and induced me to work on my inner freedom. The idea of becoming a yoga teacher and support pregnant women came to me. I trained with Sri Mahesh in Paris and specialized in prenatal yoga. I also trained in Tantric Yoga and in Womb Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, author of the wonderful book Yoni Shakti.

In 1995 when I became aware of the phases of the female cycle through the writings of Miranda Gray, I learned to recognize over the years the different women that “lived” inside me and gave them their rightful place. In 1999, my encounter with a medicine woman, Mia Rainbowdancer, rooted the Deep Feminine even more deeply in me. She helped me to discover Native American spirituality and taught me how, in addition to other things, to run « Moon Lodges », talking circles between women.  Brooke Medicine Eagle‘s song « Buffalo Woman » resonates within me…

Just before my 40th birthday, I received a call from Mother Earth and decided to take time out to discover the cycles of Mother Nature. I learned about medicinal plants, both academically and through direct experience in the area of Nîmes-Montpellier where I lived for six years. I practiced middle-eastern dance, Egyptian martial art and created the Lotus and Olivier concept of self-management of physical and mental balance.

At fifty, in Peru I made a special connection with the « Pachamama », which started a new phase of my life: the desire to transmit to women what I received and especially ways for women to reconnect to our sacred power.
The following year, in October 2012, I create LUNAFEMINA. In 2014 and 2015 I organize DeAnna L’am’s venues in France and I self-publish Le Fil Rouge, the french version of DeAnna L’am’s manual : A diva’s guide to getting your period.

In 2015 I organized Brooke Medicine Eagle‘s first venue in France and I created a Moon Lodge in the heart of Paris to allow women to attend women’s circles and to stay during their moon time. In 2016 and in 2017 I organized part of Brooke’s european tour in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain. In 2017, I organized Marlise Wabun Wind‘s venue who facilitated ceremonies of Sun Bear’s Medicine Wheel for the first time in France and also Vicki Noble‘s first workshop in France.